Haunt a House: Ancient Japanese Way


There is a ancient Japanese way namely Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai translated into “ A Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales” Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai was a popular game that originated during the Edo Period of Japan.

The game was a simple one. In a room, as night fell, one hundred candles were lit. Guests and players gathered around the candles, taking turns telling Kaidan [怪 (kai) meaning “strange, mysterious, rare or bewitching apparition" and 談 (dan) meaning “talk” or “recited narrative.”] After each kaidan, a single candle was extinguished, and the room slowly grew darker and darker. The process was an evocation. with the extinguishing of the final candle, you should find that the evocation of Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai has worked its magic,with the final candle believed to summon a supernatural entity and that means the entity has taken an interest in you and settled in your house.Anyway, me and the gang had a exhilarating time playing this game, listening to supernatural tales, each tale ended, the storyteller would douse a single candle, the light slowly fading as the tension rose. as each candle goes off it summon more spiritual energy, transforming the room into a beacon for the dead. With the vanishing of the final light, someone or something terrible would be waiting in the darkness. But we ran out of stories, so we had to stopped at the 12th candle. but I would love to continue this game. I am just going to collect as much ghost stories as possible and then post it up in the Red Empress and when I have collected 100 ghost stories I will continue with the game. So if you have a ghoulish tale, stories from your local village or perhaps a personal experience to share, please do email it to me at xniquet@gmail.com and I hope i can published it in my blog and add to my Kaidan collection and i hope that i can gather enough before the next Hungry Ghost Festival.