I'm Going Home

I interrupt the Taste like Valentine Series for a short announcement.Just couple of minutes to go before I head to Narita Airport to take my long awaited flight back to my home sweet home. It’s been almost 2 months since I left home and I am looking forward as hell for it. While for the people who has already celebrated their Chinese New Year and some even has ending their celebration when they started working, I am having my one soon. Anyway, you all had yours and it is my turn now to gobble up as much boxes of Mandarin Oranges and munch down as much Pineapple tart as I can and wash it down with the 3 cartons of Pepsi which is sitting in the store room. I think I will start by moving a carton of Pepsi into my room when I get back. And Hell yeah bitch, my Ang Pows are waiting for me in my room. Will be reaching Kuantan tomorrow morning and the first thing I am going to do is drive Woa Woa up to the beach and have Gali Mee (Curry Noodle) with “Extra Si Ham” for breakfast.

On the 14.2.08, yes on Valentine Day, even though our record deal didn’t went as smoothly as it was suppose nevertheless, xniquet will be playing a function at DaRu Halls at Cherating. The function is for older single adults to mingle sort of thing. Since my uncle is the organizer for this and if it wasn’t for him, we would have turned down the offer not because all snob or shit, but the problem is it’s been a while since we perform on stage and I don’t think we even have enough time to practice and I should hell better not get any jet lag is I am to play. But all in all I am still looking forward to it and this is the first time that we are going to play our own material for the show. So I better start memorizing the lyrics to "This Beautiful Pain” because I always messed it up. So if you are around Cherating or anywhere near there, do drop by and enjoy the show. It’s DaRu Halls @ DaRu Palm Resort, Pantai Cherating , Ktn 26080, Phg .

To All The Bloggers on the right (on my list)....This is something for you on this Valentine and a way to say how much I fucking love your blogs...Happy Fucking Valentine...