I Need Something to Break , How ‘bout your Fucking Face?

Do you ever have one of those days when you woke up on the wrong side of your bed and everything is fucked and everybody just suck and you just wanna justify by ripping someone’s head off? So what is there to do for a no life guy who is stranded in Tokyo on the first day of Chinese New Year? The answer is playing online games with 3 underage girls namely evolna, pinkie an neenee. What sort of game? Bitch slapping game, I am not into all sort of girly game but I really game the kicks of slapping the head off of bitches. The setting of this game goes like this:

“You play Reiko newly wed to Shunsuke, eldest son of the historied Tsubakikoji family, Reiko suffers the loss of her husband the very next day. Under the cruel and unceasing mockery of the aristocrats, Reiko's common-born blood sets to boil. Clutching the rose Shunsuke gave her to her bosom, Reiko issues a defiant challenge to the house. "I am the widow of the eldest son of the Tsubakikoji family. This house is mine!" ...This is the elegant art of feminine conflict.”

Click on the picture to play the game. To slap the bitch you just need to swing your mouse across their face, simple :P

First up is the Younger Daughter, this is pretty easy. Look at the box , you will see how they look after I bitch slap the fuck outta them.

Next up is the elder daughter with is easy too, just remember to slap her as much as you can. the pink and red roses and the life indicated.

The Housekeeper is a monster, look at her blouse, cannot even button properly. This is where the challenge comes but if you are consistent, it is just like a walk in the park.

Matriarch, is quite a challenge because she has this side step move, you need to be learning how to evade her slap too.

Grand Madame, this is where I am stuck, bloody hell this bitch instead of slapping, she punches. I have no problem evading her blow but her counter attack is the killer. If anyone of you killed her, do let me know if there is another level after this. God damn It, I feel like a chain saw now and I will skin her ass raw.

Updated: finally after 2 days and 1 night of slapping bitches, I finally kill the Grand Bitch...YAY!!!

...and became the queen bitch slapper

..........X X x X X..........

I would like to thank Mr. JP from the Life and Times of Jason Phoon for depicting what happened to me while I was in Denver a couple of weeks ago. You see I was down with a fever while I was in Denver during Mike’s funeral. I think I slept almost 2 days but in between I woke up and being a Internet and blog junkie that I am I had to get my sick ass up and go online to surf a little and also to blog hop and so I just so happened to stopped by Mr. JP’s blog, the sonna-wa-bitch fever hit me again and I was all covered in cold sweat and shit till I passed out in front of my lappie. While I was down, I kept having feverish nightmare of his comic’s Cheeky Fox dancing around me and the dreams just sort of went in loops over and over again till I developed a phobia of his comic fox and had to stay off his site for a couple of days.

Thanks again to MR. JP and I tell you this guy has talent coming outta his ass every Monday and Thursday, so do drop by his blog and check him out and also his cheeky fox.