cook meals under 30 minutes

If you are in a rush and wants to cook up a meal that is fast and filling, here is something you can make just under 30 minutes. After days of having Lisa's kick ass waffles, i guess it was my turn to give her a version of my waffles. So i turned the normal waffles from a dessert dish to a main dish instead. I tweak the normal waffle mixture to make it a more salty based and more fiber based to make it more filling than the usual waffles.

what's inside the waffle mixture:

-1/3 portion flour
-1/3 portion of wholemeal flour
-1/3 portion atta flour (not sure what is atta flour called)
-non fat milk
-brown sugar
-low sodium salt
-olive oil

what is inside the mushroom gravy

-Campbell mushroom soup
-button mushroom
-green pea
-chicken chucks

Lisa was loco about the waffles i made for her and gave some to her aunty the owner of the cafeteria which Lisa is working in and her aunty wanted to put that dish in her shop's menu if it is okay with me. Well, i am more than happy and to be honest i am pretty happy about it cause finally i have one of my creation on sale now, even though it is not for my own future restaurant but it was a step to see if my creation is acceptable to the general public. it will be introduced to the menu next month and hopefully it would be a hit. Guys if you are trying to impress a girl, remember cooking dinner for her is one of them. The trick is to make a meal that looks difficult but leaves room for errors. Like this one here, especially the mushroom gravy. Here's a little something for all yous guys who wants to cook to impress, i have listed a few things that keeps me organized when i am cooking in the kitchen.

xniquet's cooking organize list

- prioritize the cooking
make cooking your focal point and tackle it as you would a hostile takeover. Have rags ready for wiping spills, sharpen knifes and have all your serving dishes rinse, dried and ready. figure out what sort of ingredient should remain in the fridge until last minute. (yogurt, cream, veggies and meat) and those can be lain out early and within easy reach. (potatoes and garlics)

-read through recipe throughly
this will ensure you get all the ingredient you need are ready. No more delay searching for the missing ingredient or running out to the store.

-do more than one thing at a time
don't be idle, and watching a pot will never make it boil faster. Instead chopped vegetable or measure ingredient or set the table while waiting for the water to boil, the meat to brown or the oven to pre-heat.

-gradual cleaning
wash dishes, clear the table of scraps and soak the pans as you go along or your sink will overflow. To prevent stinky spills, line your garbage bin with newspaper to absorb pesky drippings before inserting the garbage bag.

-use time saving methods
food processor effectively slice and chop or grate vegetables. Microwave also cuts down preparation time and no mess method for melting margarine or toasting nuts. Use kitchen kitchen scissors to snip fresh herbs or dried fruit.

So these are a few things that i always work with when i am preparing a meal and i fucking hope that you are able to get something out of it when you prepare your meal. But it will be a while for before i hit the kitchen again. Tomorrow is Qing Bing for my family and we are going to travel about 45km outta town to visit our deceased family members (my grand dad and great grand mother). Well, till then, i hope i don't get anymore high fever because i wouldn't wanna miss tomorrow's outing. To those who are driving outstation to pay their respect to tomorrow , drive safe.


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