my ass is like an oil well

Excuse my picture, but it is just to show you how messed up I am now, my hair is all tangled up, pupils are dilated and watery for no reason, pores are all open wide, lips are swollen, there is rashes on my ass , tummy feels likes there’s a world war going in there, every time I sit on the toilet bowl; my ass seem to turns into fountain spraying shit water. It’s like 21 degrees here, it should be just nice for any Malaysia who likes to hang out in Genting highlands or Cameron Highlands, but I am freezing my ass off. I have no one to blame, but myself because. I knew I couldn’t keep up with Cheeseburger Eddy’s daily diet. This guy is taking approximately 5000-8000 calories a day and I really cannot keep up with him; all the grease and lard that I have been in taking. I am surprise that my ass hasn’t turned into an oil well and start springing oil from it. Damn I wished Lisa was here to take care of me like she did when my foot was broken. She sure hell knows how to make a guy want to get sick every time.