No, it isn't a shot gun wedding...

Almost 20 hours of flying half way across the globe I am right where I am supposed to be-the City of Angels. I was expecting for a big change in the climate once I step off the plane at LAX, but to my surprise, it felt kinda like home. Everybody seems to be complaining about the humidity but, I just seem to fit right in. It’s 6 in the evening and Cheeseburger Eddy was supposed to pick me up 30 minutes ago but still no sign of him. Do you still remember having any friend of just never seem to gain any weight, no matter how much he or she eats and they will be like laughing on how you take care of your body, your diet, mock you for taking a diet soda, tempt you by having McDonalds in front of you and also asking you out for a late night supper? No? Lucky you, let me introduce you to Cheeseburger Eddy.

Well, you see, I wasn’t as thin as everyone is when I was young. I was big but not as big as some of the kids these days because I wasn’t a McD junky. I could say that I was overweight when I was in primary school. My grand dad used to pamper me too much with ice creams and candies because he used to own a candy stall but it was burnt down during a fire and then he retired. Makes me wonder if I was going to continue to be overweight even obese if the stall didn’t burn down. Maybe it was God’s way of saving me from being fat by smiting that stall. When I reached 12, my weight problem was starting and I was at the verge of being obese, so my parents started to take care of my diet and also send me for karate classes and got in involve in all sort of sports and finally I was all well tone up when I was in secondary school. I guess basketball was the game that keeps me off the fats while I was in secondary school and also a well kept diet. But after I went to College, I came back looking like an anorexic scarecrow; well, not because I was anorexic but because I spend all my money on drinking rather than food. I have sidetrack too far, now back to Cheeseburger Eddy. That was the name we call that skinny scarecrow, who just loves to eat and eat an eat and just stay so thin. I tell you this bugger’s stomach is like an endless pit. He just keeps going and going and while we are trying to watch our diet, he would like mock us for doing so. Why the name Cheeseburger Eddy, because I think it was at a buffet, he gobble down 12 cheeseburger at a go. Now he is working in a studio as a sound engineer in Pasadena.
The last time I saw him was 2007’s Chinese New Year, he was his usually self and like old times having his favorite Double Cheese Burger in Mickey D’s the last time I saw him But you know you will reap whatever you sow; I was in shock when I meet Cheeseburger Eddy. Looks like all the cheeseburger that he had was resurfacing and stockpiling in his belly. He grew like 2 or 3 fucking times his original size. I know it is mean but I just had to take a picture of his tummy. It is from the side but the front okie? You can imagine how big it is. Like this be a reminder to myself to stay off those Cheeseburgers.

And Oh No’s, I just can’t connect to fucking MSN, I don’t know why, it can’t be the line cause I am able to do other things, which means my fucking MSN program is fried and I think I should reinstall it, maybe later. But I will be on face book chat for the time being. Kuantan is like plagued with Durian, Lisa’s parents has brought like 3 big basket Durian from their orchard for my parents. The only Durian enthusiast in my house is my mum and woa woa, so 3 basket of Durian is just too much. I hope woa woa won’t get sick eating so much Durian. The last time she had fever. My parents and Lisa’s parents seems to be getting along beautifully and it seems they are the ones who are enjoying the engagement more than us. Lisa told me ever since I left, they already been out twice. There is still a lot going in my head at this moment and I just don’t know how to find the words yet. I suppose I will let my rational self take hold of my sanity first before I make another move. I will blog about it later when I am saner.

PS: to those who are shock about the engagement, no this isn’t a shot gun wedding. No one is pregnant if that is what you are thinking :P