Reasons Why You Should get a Hooters Girl as your Girlfriend

You go in night after night and every time she passes you me, you feel like your crotch is hitting the table. You got this feeling inside your gut that she is feeling you. Every time she serves you, you swear to God that she is trying to seduce you by lowering herself to show you her boobies. Even though you dressed up like crap, smells like crap, you hands and mouth are greasy from all the hot wings that you’ve been having and your face is covered with hot sauce, still she smiles at me which totally gives you a boner. Fuck it man, this hooters girl totally digs me; you turn to your buddy and asked them, “ bro, I think that Hooter chic is totally feeeeeeeling me, see how she came over and ask me how the hot wings are… ”, he nods in agreement. And a thought races over your mind, I can do this, I can date a hooters girl, and it is not one of those I just wanna fuck you for the night type of dating, but having a Hooters girl as a girlfriend type of dating. So your mind races to justify your thoughts, what is the benefit of having a Hooters girl:

  • Being a Hooters, she most definitely know that the company uses their sex appeal to exploit men who comes in , hence she most likely treats men as objects - objects to be exploited for personal gain; which is exactly how guys treat women too. A relationship founded upon this mutual exploitation has been proven to be the most stable for sexual intimacy as well as the kinkiest, and well...simply the best. And Hooters girls are 7 times more likely to engage in threesomes with a co-worker. You know you might just get real lucky if she brings home a hot co-work for the night.

  • Hooters girls understand men better than any subset of women on this planet. Why? Because her work is to understand men and please men; they know exactly what we want: food, booze, and a boner, and she knows that's ALL we want. That's it. No Friday night Gossip Girl marathons, Wednesday night Sex in the City movie, no super expensive meals at some trendy Sushi or Vegan restaurant. She knows you hate that shit.

  • While her job requires her to maintain an anorexic figure with huge breast; you don't have to be that jerk boyfriend who has to forced to drop hints to encourage her to lose her fat self. Hints like… “Did your clothes shrink?”, “I didn't hear you throw up last night. Did you forget?" will be a thing of the past!! Yayy!!!

So after reading the reasons, does it justify your urge of getting a Hooters girl as your girlfriend today? Search deep down inside of you; do you want to have a fruitful relationship as mentioned above? You know you do and deep down inside, you have this crush on a Hooters girl, so what are you waiting for. Go pick up a Hooters Girl today. But if you are a nerd who combs your hair sideways, has glasses as big as your monitor and still surf porn late at night just so that your wouldn’t be caught by your mother, Fear now, tutorial on how to pick up a Hooters Girl will be published soon. :)

When I Grow up, I wanna be a Hooters Girl