Sorry no updates for the time being. As I was going through the xniquet-wiki which is a supplement to this blog, I found that I have left too many gaps unclosed and by doing so it will leave the readers even more confused. That is why I will be busy doing some major revamp and upkeep work for the xniquet-wiki. So in the mist of my absence here, feel free to explore the stuffs there.

Here is just a little bit of update on my side now:
  • In Philadelphia now with Lisa excitingly awaiting NIN’s concert like all Malaysia is waiting for the Permatang Puah by election but only a little more.
  • We will be back to California again after the concert and most likely going up north of California to visit some winery before coming back.
  • Lisa is currently mad at me for being friendly to two transvestites. WTF, not talking to me!!! I thought she was joking so i rub it in some more and now she is still mad at me.
  • We will be back on September 15 after which everyone will know if there is going to be a wedding date.