Curing the Plague of the Flat Chested Ladies

This post actually has got nothing what so ever to do with me, in fact I think my bust is just right. But somehow, people around me especially ladies whom I know seems to be whining about their size lately. I know it is perfectly normal for them to whine about their size but when you have more than 5 people whining about the same thing to you, you seem to get a bit curious and it makes you wonder that is this the new threat to the planet? Soon the world would be overrun by flat chest ladies? God please no, I rather you rain fire and brimstone down upon us. While science have given us the edge to make boobies as large as they can get but they still feel like crap to the hands of a groper and it is still not safe to squeeze with all your might because it might cause leakage. Imagine having to be reminded by the lady not to squeeze too hard because the boob job cost her thousands. Fuck that, who wants fake ass tits on a fucked up chest anymore? But do not despair because what I have learned is implant is not the only way to increase your bust size. Breast Massage is a conventional way of enhancing your breast size. Using massages to enhance your bust size is doubly advantageous because it has no side-effects and it do away with the need of any surgery, no foreign body is ever placed into the body and thus reducing the risk of any problems thereafter. Breast massage is used by oriental women since centuries. It is a simple process and doesn't take more than a few moments to accomplish and it can be done in the privacy of your home or with a help of another person or you can call me (seriously, you can call me anytime).

What is the fucking sense of it all?

You see, the breast is made up of tissue and fat. A firm and proper massage helps tone these tissues and firms them up. This gives the breasts a healthier and more natural look. This therefore leads to an enhancement and enlargement of breast size. Problems like sagging breasts and inverted nipples can be easily cured by breast massaging techniques. Finally, breast massages increase the tone and breast and the bust size.

Hell yeah, I am convinced, show me how it is fucking done…

The four steps in breast massaging…

  • One
Starting from the nipple, push downwards with the three longer fingers of your hand. The movement should be slow and almost graceful for better results. Be sure not to apply heavy pressure. The right trick is to maintain a moderate touch.

  • Two
Then the breast should be lightly massaged with a kneading kind of action. Hold one breast with both your hands so as to cup out the breast. Do not apply heavy pressure; stop if it begins to hurt. Holding your breast in this manner, go on kneading it slightly for a while. Finish with one breast, and then take on the other.

  • Three
The third step is most important to give a round firmness to the breasts. Hold your breast just as you had done in the earlier step. But instead of squeezing it out, give it a twirling kind of motion. Rotate your hands (and thus the breast) in a clockwise motion, followed by an equal anticlockwise motion. Continue this for about ten times. Then repeat with the other breast.

  • Four
Finally, open out your palms then move it downwards so that the fingers rub against the side surfaces of the breast. This should not be done on the nipple, as it may spoil its shape. Continue this for about ten times per breast.

Lastly, there are professional breast masseurs who offer breast massages, like xniquet’s house of breast masseurs. They have a peculiar technique, termed as the breast lift. In this procedure, the breasts are lifted skywards. Such a kind of massage increases the elasticity of the breast, and also helps release the toxins in the breast. The masseurs also pay special care to the ladies as long as they are hot. So don’t forget to pick up that dial and call or email to make an appointment.

*This post is done upon request, if you have anymore things you would like to learn , please email your request. Your identity will be kept upon request.*


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