Now I know how it feels to be an M& M inside a mouth

16.08.08, 4am in the morning, I was still on my MSN chatting my night away. I couldn’t sleep. In fact I already picked what I was going to wear. Not to sound misleading but I didn’t want to fall asleep because within hours Lisa was going to be landing down, in fact I didn’t want to be late. Coming here for the first time and all alone, I just didn’t want her to wait for me and be all alone in a foreign land. I had like 6 cups of coffee since yesterday, talked to friends, bloggers and bitches on the MSN hoping that they would pumped more caffeine into me, just so that I could stay a awake for just a little longer. I called the Cab Company 3 times in the middle of the night just to make sure that the designated driver gets his ass here at 730am sharp so that I would reach the airport in time. Asked Cheeseburger Eddy which was the fastest way to the airport 5 times and found out that the 405 is the best way to get there. Even a week before, I went to the store to get her scarf so that she would freeze her neck when she reached here, I know it is not winter here in LA but still for a Malaysian, in this sort of weather, she probably will. I got her a pair of earrings, the moment I knew she was coming here, but at the very last moments before I leave for the airport, it just struck me that I should have gotten her flowers, but I was afraid I couldn’t get any at these hour of the time. Someone suggested that I get her a Kit Kat which I totally think doesn’t go well with the gift I got her from Tiffany’s & Co. Blue roses would definitely go well with the packaging that is why I scouted the whole fucking airport the moment I reached there to find blue roses that comes with a white ribbon.

You know it is funny that I was going around to most of the “Hawt” female bloggers leaving messages like “Oh No’s you iz so Hawt, I iz Meltzzz” when I don’t really know how it is to really feels to melt. But the moment Lisa stepped out from the arrival hall; I sure as hell know how it feels to be an M& M inside a mouth. God… How could I have forgotten how beautiful she looked, the same face that got me hanging in her waffle shack for 14 times in day. It’s been almost a month since I last saw her face and I can still feel butterflies flapping around me. All the tiredness, the negative thoughts about the engagement just sort of dissolved into thin air, even the air I breathe now seems to have certain sweetness. Suddenly my world seems to be a better place again, for me this is heaven.