"guess you cannot win with the color of your skin"

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And all the students sing…

Hey man, please don’t make a sound,
Take a fucking look around.
Can’t fucking see what is in front of you?

You know cannot win
With the color of your skin,
I'm afraid we're gonna ask you to leave.

This is just another case,
YOU PEOPLE still don't know your place.
Step aside, out the way, wipe that smile off your face

10% is just out of the case
Cause we are always get left behind
while our country is being run by swine

this Congkak party isn't for all.
cos we are the chosen one!!!

Some views:

UITM come out cannot find work properly..All work in factory, so anyone wanna have a good future inside a factory then go UITM!
Edi神 on Aug 13 08 at 12:45 pm

One banner says: “10% = 12,000 non-Bumi — Malays’ and Bumis’ rights are being denied” That’s just stupid. If 10% is 12,000 … 90% is 108,000! How’s that denying Malay rights?! UiTM students can’t do math or what.. I’ve got questions for those protesting. If you’re born a non-Bumi, are you still gonna join the protest? Can you control what race you’re born into?! their graduates don’t just get into factories. They get into government agencies. Why? Because the govt sponsored them so they have no choice coz their sponsored grads can’t find jobs, so the govt needs to hire them as a last resort, otherwise they’ll lose face. That’s why our govt is so efficient lah. Powered by UiTM grads.
akc on Aug 13 08 at 1:29 pm

one must excel academically to enter university! You study, you score, you rate yourself against other, you came out cream of the crop, you go university, and you repeat your struggle there again. Ini Malaysia manyak bagus, university place is more or less a birth right to the Malays. Wah seh, results not good, nehmind…still can go university cos quota still manyak kosong. Got quota, still not enough! must have a uni specially built for Malay, so that the Malay can play congkak with the Malay only. Malaysia BOLEH!! Only a graduate from UMNO can think of such excellent solution to the Malay problem. Tak dapat compete dalam persekolahan? takpe, kita bikin uni bagi diaorang yang tak boleh compete. what more can they think of? in future, tak dapat compete dalam pekerjaan? takpe, kita bikin tempat kerja kasi diaorang hisap darah dari perniagaan lain dalam ini Malaysia Boleh….wait a minute…sounds like they have already done that!!! I say, if you are poor but excel academically, the govt should help regardless of race. If you are stupid, just face it, no amount of university course can help you that a polytecnic class cannot. But u and i know la…who invented the phrase ‘GAYA MESTI ADA’! I heard there are good use for UiTM’s graduation certificate. Mamak! Meja tak stabil la..tolong bawa kertas besar besar selit kat kaki ni. kekeke…. U see, i know there are also stupid chinese and stupid indians. The reason they are not mentioned here is that these stupidos dont have a stupid uni built for them.
ycg on Aug 13 08 at 4:58 pm