Torn to Shreds

It is funny to think that you were angry with me when the one who should be angry is me. You were the first one whom I developed for feelings for through the internet. If things went on as smoothly as it was then, I would have taken a plane to London and landed on your doorsteps. But lies after lies I uncovered. It was naïve of me to even think that everything they say on the internet is real.

What attracted me to you wasn’t your look but your poetry, day in and day out, I waited for you to publish your stuff. I fell in love with the women who wrote those poetries and not her looks. But you had to drop the bomb on me saying that your age is 38 instead of 28. I search inside my soul trying to justify and convince myself that age isn’t an issue, since I was already 25 then, what is 5 years, 10 years or 13 years of difference? We can still make it work. But after you admit that the kid that you have been babysitting all these while is your son and not your employer’s, I just flipped. Hell no, I just couldn’t handle that and I am sorry for leaving. I mean you should be happy that I moved on and found someone else, yet of out hatred and jealousy you started sending poisonous emails to her and testimony to her Friendster. That gave me hell, but thanks to you, it made me and Jen’s relationship grew stronger.

But after a year, A YEAR, you finally found a mistake that I did and finally exposing it to Jen in which lead to us breaking up. So I guess we are even now. I hope you are happy and well with whoever you are with and I sincerely hope that your son Adrian is doing good too. He should be 10 years old by now.

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