And So this is How the Malaysian Government is Lying to the People

It is hard not to be glue to your TV at 8pm these days; everyone wants to find out what new sensational news on the Malaysia’s politic scene. Even at a family gathering at Lisa’s place, we were not spared by talks of politics and the prime time news. As we were flipping channels between the Malaysian TV channels RTM 1 and TV3 and the rest of the channel that was playing the evening news. They were showing the press conference by Teresa Kok who was a unjust victim of the Malaysia’s ISA and was released earlier that day. FYI, Radio Televisyen Malaysia or RTM is a Malaysian government-owned public broadcaster As of 2007, RTM controls about 17% of the television viewing market in the country, behind Media Prima ( TV3 and other shit channels) with 54% and Astro (Malaysia’s only cable) with 29%.[source wikipedia]

On RTM1, they showed the footage of Teresa Kok’s press conference hours after she was released without any sound but with the newscaster reading about the news, saying that the Malaysia Police had treated her well; whereas on TV3, they actually showed the footage of Teresa Kok where she told the press that she was ill treated. She was hand cuffed and questioned like a criminal for hours and the food that they gave her was somewhat equivalent to food people gave their dogs - She only had two half cook eggs, gravy and some slices of cucumber for lunch and dinner. Which I think she was wrong in saying that because these days people feed their dogs better than that, ask woa woa . But that is not the point, I mean here we see RTM which is owned by the government twisting the truth. So does the government have to go so low, just to make themselves look good? And they go around arresting and detaining people who reports the fucking truth? Hey, if your police squat is so fucking righteous, why you don’t go arrest your own TV station for bending the truth, dip shits. So I urged everyone who is reading this to never believe what RTM is reporting because the stench of the BN led government is all over it and what they report is full of crap. The government are merely using RTM to cover their ass. RTM is shoving crap up the people’s head and the fucking government is suppressing the only truth that the people got by intimidating and arresting reporters and bloggers. So all you’s on the outside, please tell me, where the fuck is the integrity of a broadcaster to disseminate un-bias and truthful news to the people? Fuck it, I am leaving soon Malaysia soon.