Back to Basic

playing on my iPod:
Wrong Man - Paul Gilbert

Soft lighting, goose feather pillow, soft satin sheets inside an air condition room and fully equipped with a 7.1 surround sound home entertainment system with the soft scent of freshly peeled orange is what I don't have here. To say that this room is modest is an overstatement. What I do have here is a 3cm thick mattress (no pillows), a 3 legged side table and a table fan that makes a whole load of sound, so is this what it means to be really living? Screw all the stuff and gadget that I own which ended up owning me instead, today is the day where to rediscover the meaning of being basic. I wanna know that I am not the things that I own and I do not need them. I am sick of the rain and I need to go somewhere where there is sun than going in circles in all this rain and mud, I should have gone up north instead of south.

I have been practice this speech for days but I feel like a freaking idiot when I call her up because I ended up with nothing to say instead. Damn my brain, I wish I could find words to make her feel better and make her see that this is for the best. What the fuck is the matter with me? I don't usually choke on my words. I am running low on medication now; I really could use something "Spiritually" strong to get me through tonight.