Wear Off

playing on my iPod:
42 - Coldplay

From one town to another, I finally ended up in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. This sky is a resemblance of what I am feeling now; I haven't seen the sun for days, been locked up in my room going in circles, tossing and turning, trying to put back the shards of my life. But somehow, I end up in isolating myself in a rented room, surviving only on the water that runs on the tap. Sometimes the thought of ending this pain flashes through my mind, wouldn't it be so easy? A quick release from this mental torture but the sane part of me took hold of me again; it is just one more of those really bad days that you get when you are in the state of depression. Being here, I begin to wonder what the hell I am doing. Just because I am away doesn't mean I am running away, doesn't mean I don't wanna face her. Just because I hurting, doesn't mean I didn't get what I deserve. You might think that since I do not speak a word, doesn't mean I take the people I care for granted, doesn't mean I don't think of them. I am just drowning in my overwhelming emotion and waiting for this pain to wear off.

I am on the road again, I need to go further this time...