Must Get Out

playing on my iPod:
Where'd You Go - Fort Minor

Trees, cars, trucks, road signs, red lights, green lights flashes me by; nameless town, faceless people, gas stations, 7-11; having instant cup noodles while watching the evening news from TV sets hung high off ceiling are just about the things that just seem to revolve around my life these days; When I am dead tried, I crash wherever I am, I really don't mind bunking in the car because most of the time it is much more comfortable than the hotel that some of these small town offer. The only thing about sleeping in your car is that the mosquitoes always seem to linger around your ears. Just a little bit before midnight, I crossed over the border from Pahang state and I am in Johor State; the time is 0245 and I find myself wondering a nameless street of an unknown town with a cold Lychee Flavored Jolly Shandy in my hand. I didn't know that they have this flavor and I am such a sucker for drinks I never tried before; trust me it is better that you don't know about this drink because it is pure liquid crap at its best. But that isn't what is bothering me; maybe it is the feeling of loneliness and aimlessness that is starting to kick in. I thought about all the ones whom I have been in love with but none of their love has ever been attainable to me; yet the one who loves me I just can't bear giving her just a partial of my affection, it is unfair to her and that is why I left. The irony is why I am driving aimlessly around when what I set out to do was to find something. I guess it is still too soon to tell. I travel light; no laptop, no software, no Photoshop, no nothing to help me blog, so this is just my raw emotion letting loose. Why did I have to do all this? Because I must get out...

Choonie, I am deeply honored to share a piece of my life with you through this blog. I try to slip in an update just to let my friends know where I am and that I am still alive. I'll let you know when I am back, take care!

JP,thanks man. I guess when you lose something; you just have to take matters in your hand, go out there and search for it than sit and wait for it to fall from the sky. Don't miss NIN okie?

Cenni, you matter to me too and I am going to miss our little chats. This isn't goodbye but just temporary. Take care and I hope the songs that I gave you will last you till I am come back.