Getting High has Never Been So Cheap

And you think you need loads of cash to snort on coke which only mega bucks earners are able to afford? So what about us the middle class average Joe gotta do to get high? In these times of global economic meltdown, when even rock stars would even think twice before calling their drug suppliers, people are switching from powder to something readily available, less expensive and gets the job done . Well almost, you can’t complain because it is cheap. The Southern Rappers call it Sippin’ Syrup, Britney Spears call it Purple Drank but we the people in Cherating call it “KOKTAIL UBAT BATUK”.

So here is the Recipe of making this delicious drink:

  • 1 can of Soda [anything you like but I will still to Sprite or Pepsi]

  • 1 bottle Cough Syrup with codeine [You will need a prescription for this so this is when being buddies with doctors comes in handy. But then again if you are living in Malaysia, just head to your neighborhood’s pharmacy, slip RM10.00 over the counter and then fake a few coughs and you will be getting your very own bottle of cough syrup in no time.]

Add equal amount of cough syrup and soda. For better effect add some crushed painkillers or a couple of doses of Jim Beam into your drink. With the cocktail in your hands, find the best seat in the house, switch on some music [Recommended: Kid Rock's Someone Gotta Feel this] and start sipping your way into narcotic nirvana. You will know that you are high when you startz to speakz like tiz…


Getting high has never been so easy, no needles, no powder, no big money being but
all the harm of drug abuse...