Happy Halloween

playing on my iPod:
Sick City - Charles Manson

Nothing much but the gloomy sky and the rain to accompany me today; finally got a date to announce for the upcoming released of our CD - "Lie to Me" it will be mid January next year. I would like to thank you for the support in purchasing our first EP even though a lot of you weren't able to do so because of the limited copies that is being sold due to our financial limitation. But we will definitely try to make our next release more available. It will be a Long Play which runs approximately 57 minutes.

I know that a lot of us are let down by the entire indie label thingy which because of the lack of fund and equipment ultimately compromise the quality of their record. Talking this into consideration, we have invested more fund and time into making it a far better quality production than spending more on our promotion and distribution.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, xniquet.live WILL NOT be performing our acoustic set tomorrow night in Cherating as stated earlier. Since it is the eve of Halloween - Devil'sNight, I would like to wish y'all a happy and blessed Halloween.