College Chic

playing on my iPod:
Goin' Where the Wind Blows - Mr. Big

While I am on the road, woawoa who always aspire to be a veterinarian is working hard towards her goal. But too bad there is not a single college for dogs who wants to be a veterinarian, none that I know of. So the closest I can do was to send her to obedient college for pets. After 3 years, the only tricks she knows are SIT and HIGH 5 which she only would execute when she is in the mood or there is food involve. Hopefully, when I see her again, she might have learned some new tricks like pulling a rabbit outta a hat. Time sure flies, it just felt like only yesterday I was mopping woawoa's pee off the floor and now she is college student. So evie, now you know :) One thing I miss being on the road is not having my doggie powered alarm clock waking me up in the morning.