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I am a person who does not have any love for loud people. I am sorry if I unintentionally mean you, you and you but I simply just cannot stay being in the presence of someone who just got to pump up the decibel on everything even when they are speaking face to face with you. As if they are speaking also to the total stranger who is a passerby across the street. Laughing is another thing, but when you laugh so loud that it becomes so fake and I begin to wonder if your laugh is sincere or not. Taking about people who just need to blast their stereo or their home theater set, just to let their presence known to the whole block of people living around them; talking on the cell phone like no one else around and not to mentioned the loud and irritating ring tone that they just have to let everyone nearby listen to it for a little longer before picking up the call. I can still go on with these attention seeking noise polluters but I reckon not. Being an introvert, soft spoken person from all my life, it is hard for me to understand and accept the behavior of these people and yet I cross paths with them almost every single day. Being on the road, you cannot expect to stay in 3 stars or 5 stars hotel every day. Most of the time, you crash at budget inns with common living halls and bath rooms and you get to meet people from all walks of life. It is not surprising that you get to rub shoulders with loud people. I know I am beginning to sound like a bitch now, belting out my discontent about others that I dislike but this is not the whole purpose of this post. As I look at others, judging and categorizing them, I failed to see what kind of a person I am. Even though I am not an audio distraction but somehow when I look at myself, I begin to see myself as one of the loud ones which I despise, but in another kind of loud. The things I say even though spoken in a soft manner provokes and plays loudly in the mind of others; the music I listening to contains lyrics that speaks louder than the volume that it is being played; the t-shirt that I wore often contain phrases that often seem offensive and sometimes may result in slur. Jokes I crack are often slurly; blog entries I post involves issues that results in a number of hate mails; the way I kept myself and the way I dressed up does portray that I am an attention monger. There is even this incident that a former art director from PARISIGN commented that the design of my name card was just too loud. It is just so human nature to notice the slight shit stain on another person's pants, when you cannot even smells the chunk of shit sticking beneath your shoe sole. But I have come to terms and finally realized that I am too one of the loud ones which I used to and still loath. But my loudness to some is worse than the audible loudness. If the audible loud person is the angry customer screaming at the cashier for giving him Ketchup instead of chili sauce to go with his fries, then I would be the cashier who is taking all that crap and pretty soon once my threshold is breached, I would reached for a shot gun and start going postal shooting everything and everyone in sight and ultimately blowing my head off and thus decorating the wall with my brain. What I have learned on the road it is okay to be loud sometimes, especially when you are faced with a half ass hotel receptionist who just does not wanna give you his full attention when you are a soft spoken person. He would rather watch his lame ass variety show on TV than give you his best service. So I guess it is totally necessary to turn up the volume, but other than that I rather tone down and blend into the night. But for now, you can have all the attention you want because I just wanna remain under the radar.

P.S. While writing this post, I suddenly remember this old Indian guy who always seems to be on the treadmill every time I go to the gym. He would be wearing these huge headphones while running on the treadmill. Something like the one that I am wearing in the picture above. One fucking fine day, I run on the treadmill beside him; man this bugger has the stink of alcohol all over him. What the hell was he doing? Running to get sober? But that is not the point, you see being close by to him, I finally notice something, that he was not wearing headphones, but they are ear mufflers that airport workers used to protect their ears. I guess I was not the only one with the problem with noise pollution.