Suicide Note (Video Log)

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Hello there. If you are watching this that means my buddy Mr. Ghostblogger has respected my last wish and published this video log on my blog. Right now, I am already away from all of you to a place which I don’t expect to return but if I do, it will be of unnatural cause and you wouldn’t want that, wouldn’t you? But fear not, even though I am gone but I will always be close to you, especially to those who likes eating beef patties.

A year ago today, I gave Mr. Ghostblogger a note with instruction to open it one year after. The note contains the hidden location of the cameras and videos that you are watching now here. After obtaining the cameras and videos, he is suppose to published it here for all to witness what has really happened to me.
As you can see, I have sneaked in a McDonald’s factory (location withheld) and secretly install cameras to record this event that took place a year ago. From the video below, the person you see taking off all his clothes and climbing in a giant meat grinder that is used to make delicious beef patties is me. When inside the meat grinder, I then took a whole bottle of sleeping pills that was enough to kill me. The next morning, when the machine operator starts the machine, I would have been ground and turned into beautiful patties and then distributed to all the McDonald's outlets to be grilled and make into mouth watery Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Double Cheeseburger …etc. (Ha, now you know that you don’t really know what is exactly in your McDonald’s Beef Patties that has no taste of beef at all)
You get the picture right? So consider yourself lucky if you have eaten any of beef related products from McDonald's in the past year. It is not every day that you get to eat beef patties tainted with me. Because I believe that the closest relationship a human can be in is their relationship with food. Because all food was once alive and then being consumed into the body and they become part of the body. I don’t know if you could ever comprehend the romanticism in this but being that Valentine is coming up soon, I think it is appropriate to say to those who have eaten me…

I am sorry to have waited a year than to give you a head start of knowing this perfect scheme that I have been plotting. You wouldn’t want a mass hysteria that could result in big amounts of beef patties being recall right? No one wants to walk in a fast food chain that only has chicken on their fucking menu; there’s Kentucky Fucking Chicken for that.
Lastly, with much regret, I sometimes wish I could have nine lives to live instead of one. Then I could probably turn myself into some chicken nuggets or steamy hot Lasagna in Pizza Hut. Well, not to be too optimistic, but I will just have to wait for some copycat suicide to live out my dreams.

P.s. This is the cue for you to puke your fucking guts out.