Who the Fuck Needs Them

playing on my iPod:
Never Gonna Be Alone - Nickelback

You tell them that you wanna sleep early and go to work the next morning, they fucking laugh at your face. You try to wake up early in the morning, they say that you were up all night and you didn’t sleep. You don’t utter a single profanity a whole day; they say something is wrong with you. You don’t check out the hot chic that just passes you by, they say something is bothering you. You take a rain check on a drinking session; they wanna take you to a doctor. Let’s face it, being like everyone else is never my strong point that is why I am better off being a pariah.

So here I am not waiting for any fucking answers on a Sunday afternoon. I am just too drunk to remember why. The drugs and fake ambitions are there helping me to hide and the meaningless sex has kept me sane all this time. I used to felt like rock bottom and there is nothing beneath. Right now there‘s rock bottom, 50 feet of crap and then me smack down below it. When I am drunk enough, I will be driving away from this car crash nightmare to a house that is build out in Hades somewhere.

Somehow I feel sad when it shouldn’t be…