Beelzebub, what the Devil Has in Store for Me…

I hope you all had a great Devil’s Night last night, if you are wondering what Devil Night is, well, it has been a long tradition since World War 2, where on the night before Halloween, 30th October, crimes are greatly increased, especially arson and vandalism, it is a night where hooligans go around rampaging and committing this kind of shameless act. Anyway, on this night too, I am on my way to KL for an exclusive Halloween gig, it is a close gig by some filthy rich ass.

I’ve never played a closed gig before and I wonder what the devil has in store for me and I couldn’t resist taking out my tarot and asking it what will become of our act tonight. Guess what its answer was: The Karma Card facing upwards. Using my tarot decoder, it reads: FAIRNESS, BALANCE,HARMONY. I wonder what the devil does that mean, but as long as it doesn’t state DISASTER or FAILURE, I am all good. :D

Here I am blogging from my hotel and waiting for my makeup artist to finished up painting me for tonight, I am going to be pitch black (Orang Minyak) tonight, yeah, that is my costume for tonight.

Done with our equipment and sound check just now, everything was in tip top condition:

Half way covering my in black grease paint

Almost done with my face and my whole body will be next…anyway, wherever you partying tonight, I wish you have a great Halloween party :D