7 Days of Cleaning/Binksterz Jello

Alright, consider yourself lucky today, because this is actually a twin post, that means two posts combine and compressed into one. It deals with two separate mutually exclusive incidents. So here it goes:

Part 1: 7 days of Cleaning
I have been really slacking with my room cleaning these days. But as some of you may have already know, I will off to a gig, 2 gigs to be prĂ©cised. And I don’t want to come back home after the gigs and see what a dumpster my room is. So I decided to take 7 days to slowly sort out my room bit by bit. So when I come back from my gigs I will have a nice and neat room to welcome me. So I am going to do this like MTV’s Cribs style and show you the finished clean up portion of my room.
Day 1: Vanity table

I had to clear out shit load of empty cologne bottles that was there, and my mirror on the wall was filthy. I had a tough time cleaning that piece of shit.

Day 2: Blogging table

This is where all my shitty post in my blog comes from. This is the easier part of my room because I use this part a lot and there weren’t a lot of dust to clean.

Day3: TV, gaming and Stereo Shelf
I thought this was going to be easy but bloody hell; there was so much comb web on the fucking wires behind the shelf. All the TV and PS2 console’s wires were entangled with my Server’s cables (the white CPU in the picture). I spent almost half a day trying to sort out which wire was which.

Day4: My Gaming/Music & Video Editing PC table

This is where I chop and hack monsters and also edit all my music. You ask me why I still play games on my PC when I already have a game console. I have a very good answer for you. Because I invested a bomb on my graphic cards (RMX,XXX.00) and if I don’t play any games on this PC , it wouldn’t justify the cost right? So I have a good and valid reason to stay up all night and play games. YAY!!! I had to vacuum the bloody keyboard because it was full of Woa Woa’s hair inside.

Day5: DVD, Games, CD and Cooking Book Section

This is where I keep all my favorite DVDs, Games, CDs and Cooking Books. The rest of it is downstairs, because I don’t want anyone to see this part of the collection. Why? Because, most of the time when a friend borrows your DVD or CD or Game, it is bye bye to it and you probably never see it again. This is where I keep my treasured stuff and put on display my retired guitars. There was so much dust here; I had to clear the vacuum bag twice.

Day6: CD Cleaning Day
This was covered in my previous post.

Day7: Bed

The final day, changed my bed sheet, sun my pillow and duvet and now it smells so good. I don’t change my bed sheet too often. Usually, one week once, the most two weeks. So that is it, my room is whole again after a long period of slacking off. Nothing beats laying on my nice smelling and newly made bed and enjoying a mixed bowl of M&Ms and Skitts. YAY!!!
End of Part 1

Part 2: Binksterz Jello
Last night, a lucky person on my MSN list namely Binksterz took the X’s What is my Dish Challenge. What is this X’s What is My Dish Challenge all about? Let me tell you, first you need to answer a couple of questions and based from the answer that you have given, X is going to cook up a dish will resembles you. So, Binksterz took the challenge and this was the dish that resembles her.

Note: The name of the dish will be named as person who takes the challenge. This is Binksterz Jell. You must be wondering what the heck this is. Well, I’ll show you how it is made.

First you need to cook up some Chicken Stew. What is in here: Chicken Breast, Cabbage, Carrot, Onions, Wolfberries, Chicken Broth. Cook em until it gets really soft.

Then boil some Agar-agar (Jello), Dump the Chicken stew in to the boiling Jello and wait for it to cool. Pop it into the freezer and wait for it to cold then serve.

There you have it; it is actually a Chicken Stew Agar-Agar (Jello). The black stuff on top are ground pepper, it is not burnt :P. You know, as Binksterz was answering the question, she was moving towards a nice hot chicken stew kind of recipe, but she had to try to be funny and answer that she wants her dish freezing cold. So that is why this recipe was conceived.

X’s decipher on this dish: It looks sweet but taste salty, it looks solid but it is soft and full of chicken on the inside…wukakakka. It actually tastes not bad; you just got to have an open mind and look pass the fact of what it is and you will enjoy it :D

IF you are interested to know what sort of dish you are, come up to me on MSN and take the X’s Challenge :P