Diary of a Pervert


Dear diary,

I have a naughty little tale to tell. *quivering breathing* , plucked from the pages of this blogger’s history--- messed up but true, and it guarantee to stimulate the senses. The story of x; a ravishing Young (ahem) blogger whose sexual fantasies runs the gamut from threesome to tensome, or some of you may call it orgy. But who doesn’t dream of indulging in every spasm of lust? Feeding the depraved hunger. Owing to his stay in Tokyo, x is granted to do just that; inflicting perversion and pleasure with equal zest. Until one day, x found himself in the mercy of a girl every bit as perverse as he; a girl whose skill in the art of perversion exceeded his own. *gasp*

Let me take you back to x’s birthday, which you don’t have to go back very far, because it just happened to be yesterday. A bunch of his friends offered to bring x to the infamous café somewhere in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. It was no ordinary café, because every hour customers with get to ride a stimulated train complete with hand straps and fulfill their most perverted fantasies by groping the females inside the train to the heart’s content. In simple words, it was a breast and ass buffet.

Let me just explain to you how the perverse yet magnificent system works. The male paying customer will board the train and is to remain standing in one place only; with women (employees) coming and going at each train stop for the duration of 20 minutes. To stimulate realism, each stop provides stop announcement s that comes from the loudspeakers, just like our shitty Putra LRT only it is in Japanese. It is also signifies the change of the buffet spread for the males. The male customers are free to run their dirty hands up a nearby girl’s skirt or fondle her breast from behind. However, contact beneath a girl’s undergarment is forbidden. Each girl has a blow whistle and if a violation is committed, she will blow the whistle and the perpetrator will be thrown down the train.

x could almost felt his heart right up to his throat when he boarded the train because even though x was a natural bra un-hooker and have already fondle hundreds of boobies or many not that much, maybe 10s of boobies in his life but he has never ever been in this fucked up situation where he needs to grope or fondle a completely stranger’s breast or ass. But x was warned by his friends that they have pay good money to bring x in and for the 20 minutes ride, so x cannot possibly let them down. Standing there even before the girls came in, it already felt like it is going to be a hell long ride because x was feeling so much uneasiness. Then the girls came in and standing in front of x was a girl who was dressed in a completely white tennis attired who looks like she was going for a tennis game or something. As x look out, x could see J. doing the air humping action which was his way of giving x mental support. Damn x have such great friends indeed. Just like a hungry man with a KFC dinner plate in front of him, will it be chicken breast or chicken thigh first? Should x give his courtesy to the ass or the breast? x didn’t want to be rude to the extremely Kawaii brown hair tennis girl in front of him, so with a great “Amen”, with full palm, x lay a smack right on the tennis girl’s right ass cheek and could immediate feel the girl’s shudder and also felt the lacey panties that was beneath the skirt. She turned around with a half blushed face she whispered in x’s ears with a fake desperate tone,” Ahhh! Iyaaa. Yameteh Kudaksai.” (Nooo, Doooon’t. Please Stop it) and then proceeds to give x a grin that is telling x that she wants more. Damn, x hate to admit it but x is beginning to like it, now x feel like a pervert already, this is so going to be the last time x am coming here or maybe not ..fufufufufufufufufu.

The night ended with us going to look for some food, they were thinking of celebrating my birthday at Mickey Ds, so that I can wear party hats and grope Ronnie? But I wanted something more filling like Col. Sanders, so we headed to Kentucky Fucking Chicken instead.

Sorry for the blurred picture because my hands were still shaking and it was taken from a moving car.