Red Groteskes Dirty:The Legendary Used Panties Machine

For those who read my previous post on the train café and wanted to know what else happened, I think it was just a little too much of information to let loose but I can tell you there was another 6 more girls completely Kawaii and all dressed up in different attired. God damnit ! There was even a nurse going to work and she was wearing those pantyhose thingy. I was too much in a grope and smack frenzy, that I forgot my name and thus couldn’t recall what the hell happened in there..fufufufufu…pssst, I tell you what really happened if I see you all in MSN, just ask me. I am getting paranoid, what if my mum learns how to operate the computer overnight and accidentally stumble across my blog? Die, must call back tonight to find out if my mum knows how to operate the compute or not.

You know I think I might have some kind of super power; every time I have to wake up early for something important, I will fucking beat the alarm clock by waking up a couple of minutes earlier to switch it off. So if anyone of you think you have this super power too, why don’t we gang up and form superheroes league of something so that we can wear cool costume and have an excuse to show off our underwear? Anyway, it happened to me again this morning, it wasn’t 1 minute or two, but I woke up 30 minutes earlier despite having slept just a little over 4 hours only. Why? Because I had recording today and today I will be working with some of Japan’s finest musician and I really don’t wanna screw up. I have been practicing on my guitar riffs and solo the whole day in the studio while waiting for Norie to finish her training because we had an agenda later on that evening. Man, I fucking hell tell you, the more I practice, the worse I become. Towards the end my level of confidence drops from hero to zero. Bloody hell, I shouldn’t have practice at all. But thanks to McPinkie who told me the story about how she made a complete fool of herself in front a cute Japanese music examiner ; I feel better already , because I can’t possibly be that bad…fufufufufufu…joking . Anyways, yesterday ended with Norie and me going out for a late supper and then going on a hunt for the legendary “Love Machine”; People across the world said it was an urban legend, some say it was a myth but here in Japanese, every fucking Toyota, Daihatsu and Honda knows it exist.

You see in the 1980s, there was this machine that was called “white machine” or “love machine” that dispense freshly sealed folder pair of used panties complete with the previous owner’s picture (usually school girls) and a seductive message - it is something like fortune cookie but instead getting to eat the cookie all you get is a pair of used panties that is good enough for you to smell. In the earlier 1990s, 3 smart ass business men positioned and stocked up 90 of this god forsaken machine across Tokyo and claiming that the “panties are 100% guaranteed wore by a Japanese school girl”. The authorities were not amused, and the 3 smart ass business men were charged for not having a license to conduct their business. The authority claimed that used clothing e.g. used panties falls under the category of antiques and the 3 business men hadn’t apply for it. In addition to that, they had committed fraud advertising because that was not way to prove that the panties were really worn by a school girl. Since then the machine just sort of disappear. But it is hard to keep something that is highly in demand from never resurfacing. Just like pirated DVDs or CDs in many countries. Because, many have seen this legendary machine around Tokyo and it still exist. Norie and I was on a hunt for this machine, because I wanted to get a little decoration piece from Japan to spice up my room. We didn’t manage to locate any “love machine” but manage to find a shop that sells sealed up used panties that comes in a very cool plastic case. I gotta get one because I simply love the packaging. But that doesn’t mean we our quest for the “Holy” machine ends here. We get back to y’all if I manage to spot one. Will take orders if anyone of you are interested :P

My very own freshly sealed used panties that cost me around 4,800 yen (RM144.00)

Coming back to the question of whether have I taken Norie’s offer of watching the DVD with her? Well, frankly I haven’t decided yet but most of the girls said that I shouldn’t and most of the guys said I should. I will tell you what I think in my next post because I am outta time today and I need to be going in recording now…

Waking up next to a beautiful lady in the morning; I got my chance to get back at her for trying to take my wake up look previously.