Norie's Offer

NO, I have not seen the DVD and I confess that I am not man enough to take this porn. So this is your chance people, my comment is open for you all to mouth off whatever you like about me being a big fucking wuss for not watching it. Comments who bitch and whine about me will be published but say all you like about me but just leave the bad mouthing off Norie or Kenichi out of it okie? This is my blog and I don’t wanna let other steal the lime light from me. I guess every man has his kryptonite, and I finally found my and it is the porn in the motherfucking DVD or could it be Norie??? Anyway, I am sure that Norie is in but the Kenichi’s part really blew me off guard. Frankly, I really don’t wanna watch it here, not while I am seeing them almost every day, but at the same time the suspense is tearing my ass apart.

Last night, I was out with Norie and things just sorta slipped outta my mouth. I told her that I got the DVD from Kenichi and about Kenichi’s part in the DVD was a shocker to me and I also told her that I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it because I wasn’t ready to find out what is inside it and top of that I just didn’t want it to change the way I see her. She just smiles and said please don’t watch it. But somehow she said this is who she is and I cannot change the fact she did the DVD. And towards the end, she said, what if she watched it with me, would it make a difference?

Now, this offer to watch a movie together isn’t like an actress who is asking you to watch the film she acted in. It may or may not have a hidden meaning. A hundred millions thought races across my head? Should I or shouldn’t I watch it with her? Anyway, is the act of watching porn with another guy’s girlfriend consider cheating? I tell you when you want something which is wrong, you will come out with a million ridiculous theories that will justify your misdoing:

Take this for example:

Let A denotes the difference in Time between Norie and her Boy friend
Let B denotes the time that has lapsed since the act of watching the porn
IF A>B, and Norie sees her Bf and spends time with him, thus canceling off the action of watching the porn before it happened.
IF B>A, she has committed the act of cheating.

A large part of me is tell me this is wrong, what if in the heat of the moment she accidentally slipped and landed on my dick but maybe she is just being supportive and trying to show a part of her, so that I can get to know her and accept her for who she is and jso why don't i just watch the bloody porn and get it off my system?

I haven’t made up my mind yet. The guys are bringing me to Train Café tomorrow for my celebration. Just to let you know, what train Café is about- it is stimulated train ride with a “grope buffet”, I will tell you more when I experience it firsthand. Till then I haven’t make up my mind to watch it with Norie or not …and Oh…About Kenichi, yes, he is one of the “actors” but they didn’t do each other, he was in another 3-way scene :S

My first Birthday present for the year from Norie,Zumreed Headphones to go with my iPod

Bye bye Daichi Annex Hotel, I am off to another place