The Norie DVD

View from my hotel -tonight will be the last night I will spending in this beer bug infested hotel

Picture taken by Norie this morning; Manage to shut my wake up face before the damage has been done

Last night: a picture with Norie which didn't turn out because the shutter went off too early, hence seeing us walking into position

My work bag

This is my bag that I usually bring to work, usually it contains my iPod, PDA, pens, flask, wallet, medical plaster (for my fucking neck)…etc . But not today, because inside my bag holds one of the taboos which I have been struggling with these past few days. It contains the thing that yes I know many of you came to know about - Norie’s infamous DVD. Can you believe that this DVD contains the power to make or break the way I think about someone? I really don’t know what will be the outcome after I watched it because I have never watched porn which has someone close to me acted in. Gimme S&M, bestiality or shit like that, I still am able to slide in the DVD in and watch it. I tell you I have a pretty good stomach , because once your see a man fucking a eel’s mouth or a lady practically swallowing fresh shit straight from a guy’s ass, you’ve seen it all. But this one? I am really having second thoughts. Just like an 8 year old kid who just found the his parents porn stash, I don’t know what is going to be in store for me? Will I be okie with it? Or will it scar my mind? I don’t wanna whine like a man who cannot take his porn but this is big. Why? Because the shocking news I found out when I got my dirty fingers on the DVD is that Kenichi has something to do with it…Star? Director? Producer? Cameraman? Stunt dick?

Let me rewind the clock a little and take you back a day on the 1st day of this New Year, when I was still in Kenichi’s place and we were all suppose to watch the porn together. Frankly, I didn’t want to do so and I was supposed to come up with an excuse not to watch it. But I guess honesty is still the best, I just told them I wasn’t really into watching porn [beramai-ramai dengan batangs] with a bunch of guys that is just too much of togetherness and it almost felt like a gay activity. They respected my opinion and were cool with it and didn’t even bother to mention it again. I tell you, even though the porn they make is sick but they really treat people with the upmost respect and make you really feel comfortable. I asked Kenichi if I could make a copy of the DVD and watch it in my good time, and so he even did me a copy and what I have learned made my jaws dropped to the floor again.

Kenichi and Norie worked on the DVD together, as in what part Kenichi had in the DVD, I was not told. He asked me to find out myself when I watched it. Damn!!!!!! Now, it may be that not only one of my friends is acting in that DVD, it may be two of them. I tell you this DVD is indeed evil. Now the only thing I have to do is unlocked the whole mystery that is in this DVD. The guess of him being the camera man or lights man or director pr producing the DVD is out. So the question is did Norie and Kenichi do each other? Fuck man the suspense is really eating me up like cancer…

To be continue...

I wanted to be sure that the copied DVD was working so I slide it in my laptop and this is just how far I got…by now you all already know the name of the porn DVD.