47 Pieces of Ronin Asses


I just got back from Kenichi’s Place in Shinagawaku to celebrate the New Year. Well, it wasn’t really a celebration because there wasn’t any here in his place but just a simple family gathering and also for me to try out the lifestyle of a Japanese family. Instead of telling a shit load of things I see and done, why do I just give you some pictures and go on with the “Hell Yeah, I love Tokyo Bitch” post.

The exterior of Kenichi’s place

This is the Tatami room that has been converted into my guest room and this is a super duper sleeping mattress. I just love sleeping into it , feels like I am wrapped in larger comfortable duvet

I have been here for some time now but today is the first day that I had a traditional breakfast which comprise of: rice, miso soup, tofu, egg, seaweed, vegetables and pickles. And they called us China Ah Pek Fun Tong (Rice Barrel). Look at them having rice early in the morning.

The best thing about his place is it has got a wonderful toilet. Check out the Toilet Bowl specs: seat warmer, water spray, & hot air dryer. I feel like a king taking a dump on his throne. I just wanna shout out from the top of my lungs, Kenichi, I LOVE SHITTING IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!!

Anyway, we were supposed to go to this fucking famous Sengakuji Temple this morning. Usually I am not into the tourist bull shit but after Kenichi told me the story about the 47 Ronin , I was intrigue with the story of the 47 Ronin that have been buried there. Most of the people here know the story of the 47 Ronin by heart like us Malaysian know our Hang Tuah Shit. So I hope you are in a mood for a fucking long and boring story about the 47 Ronin, because here it goes:

Once there lived a Rich Ass Samurai Lord name Asaho who had 47 Samurais under his payroll. One day he went to the Shogun’s palace where he was humiliated by a ass swipe call Kira, and so he draw his katana and wounding the ass swipe in purpose, not knowing it is a serious offense to do so in the palace. So for his Punishment, the Shogun gives him the middle finger and ask him to go fuck himself with his own Katana (Seppuku – Ritual suicide).Now, not only the 47 Samurais was pissed because their master has been disgraced, they are fucking furious because they are now in the unemployment line.(Hereby they are known as Ronin [master-less Samurais] ). So the 47 pissed off Ronin, took matters into their hands and stormed Kira the ass swipe’s house to ask him to fuck himself (seppuku) too because they are fucking pissed with him and what he had done and also they haven’t got their previous month’s pay from their deceased master. But Kira begged for his fucking life and disgusted by Kira who didn’t even serve them tea, they cut his fucking head off and put in a bucket. Brought the head back to the Sengakuji temple where their ex-master was buried and prayed to him. The 47 Ronin then committed seppuku in hopes that they will join their master in death, but actually I think they just wanted to get their last months of pay. Too bad, when they saw him, rich ass Asaho told them he forgot his cheque book. So the priest of the temple buried all 47 Ronin next to their master.

The end.

I didn’t manage to be a fucking tourist and head to the temple because I woke up late and we had to leave. Maybe another day, since I am still here for another 2 months or so. And you all must be wondering about the Norie Porn, I will tell you all about it in my next post and all I can say is, The DVD is in my bag now :P.

On another note, A couple of weeks ago, this POMPUAN (women) interviewed me on my fetish on mountain biking and yesterdays I was featured on their online mag. If you are in to the hip, hype and shit like that stuff, you should definately go and check out this site WWW.UTH.COM.MY which has just been launch yesterday. There will certainly be some shit that suits you.

Inilah muka pompuan yang interview saya.

[Click here to read the interview]

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