how to hack username and password with google

It all started when I was reading an article about Google hacking. Google hacking is a term that refers to the art of creating complex search engine queries in order to filter through large amounts of search results for information related to computer security, using the advanced and less well known features of the Google search engine to reveal sensitive data about a particular target or to identify. What we expect to find are mp3, movies, files, user names and even passwords. Right about now, I know some of your rotten mind might be thinking of porn when you see usernames and passwords can be found. But being a benevolent hacker, I don’t hack usernames and password okay? But I can tell you something there are a lot of systems that are vulnerable to Google hack and one of them is sites with front page extension. Instead I use it to find songs in tip top quality and look what I got. Disturbed latest CD not even a month old and it is already playing in my iPod. Sick and tired of waiting for slow torrent and fighting of leeches, try google hacking to find the song you want. It took me less than 15 minutes to get the whole CD; this makes limewire look so amateur. Anyway, give it a try if you dont have the time to wait for the torrent.

But if you are looking for some fun and wants to go to jail, try this instead [key in the below into your Google search box]:

inurl:(service | authors | administrators | users) ext:pwd "# -FrontPage-"

your result might look like this …

...from the above search result you will get this:

username: robworld

password: 7OoL2/ulhHAD6

What you will get is a long list of user names and passwords for administrator to vulnerable site which is using front-page as their extension. But the bad part is the password is encrypted. Bummer, but you should think twice before turning into a criminal, but if you insist on becoming one, I only have this to say to you…”JOHN THE RIPPER”, go figure it out! But if you are not planning to get caught, snooping around people's private folders, you can try this ...This is how you do it, if you are looking for let’s say Disturbed’s Indestructible album, key in the below into your google search box and fire away….