The Malaysia that We Know is Sick

Happy Fucking Independence Day Malaysia; how ironic it is to be celebrating it when after 51 years of self proclaiming of independence, your people still doesn’t feel a bit of independence at all. The freedom of the people is being repressed; people live constant fear to voice out their opinions. A blogger can’t even have the freedom to voice out their opinion and views without being harassed by the government and the police. The government and police puts so much emphasis on tracking, arresting these bloggers who are merely voicing out their opinions while neglecting their real duty in combating crime, bribery and shitting governing of this country. While bloggers are prosecuted for their unpopular remarks that are being made in their blog, why aren’t political leaders and other dipshits with unpopular, racist and condemning remarks made on other media not brought in for questioning and prosecution? i.e. that UMNO dipshit from Bukit Bendera who made a racist remark that Chinese are temps in Malaysia. Another episode of creating hatred towards the government is when The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission ordered the 19 Internet service providers (ISPs) in the country to block the Malaysia Today website. This is yet another form of repression of the people. When one of us is in chains none of us are ever free.

It is clearly that democracy and the voice of the people in this country doesn’t exist in the sight of the current government anymore. Have the government forgotten that he who governs must first must listen to those who are being governed? The people feel repugnant by the act of the current government, Independence Day will and never have any more meaning to us the younger generation until a reformation is being made in this country. Do not expect us to respect until we are being treated with respect. There is nothing to be proud of being a Malaysian anymore as long as Malaysia continues to be governed by a bunch of incompetent and mindless monkeys. The government should stop being such a loser and give us the bloggers a chance to voice out and criticize and give constructive comments. Instead of arresting us, listen and take in what could be done to improve this sick country that we fucking live in. One thing the fucking government must know that we the bloggers are for this country, that is why we voice out our concern, yet they go against us and treat us like fucking criminals. And so with our fist and fucking middle finger we are here to say FUCK YOU and your stupid ways of running the country.

Malaysia is sick because of your doing, unless changes are being done, I am afraid that the people will no longer love this country anymore. So while you celebrate this day, remember those who had given their lives to free this country 51 years ago; have you no shame in running their dream of a better Malaysia down the fucking gutter?

Fuck you and have a Happy illusive Independence Day!

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