Strike Three and My Suicide Note

Dear everyone and the aliens who are spying on earthlings with their tiny satellite from outer space,

Current Mood: Alien paranoia due to Star Trek marathon
Suffering from: Depression due to post Nine Inch Nails concert trauma
Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - GHOST IV 32 [click to download]

I am looking at strike count number 3 here. First it was after I tried keeping up with Cheeseburger Eddy’s diet which landed me on the toilet seat more times than some of you ever get laid…wukakaka (joking, at least my sense of humor is still intact XD). The second strike was after endless sleepless nights of chatting on MSN and blogging plus the Hooter-rific hot wings that got me sick to my stomach. And now I got the flu from Lisa who has just recovered; Hell, I have been sick 3 times ever since I came here. It is more like I got sick almost every two weeks. WTF!!! I think my antibody is really going to hell ever since I recovered from my leg injury, which reminds me that I have a long due medical appointment. I should have been checking in with my doctor last month to see how my sepsis is doing but I guess it to wait till I get back.
Anyway, I am back in LA and staying with my buddy Cheeseburger Eddy in Pasadena. Besides being down with the flu, having dried up tangled hair, pale and peeling skin and dried up cracked lips which hurt when anyone tries to kiss it, besides that I am doing pretty good I think. I asked Cheeseburger Eddy to take Lisa out so that she could pick up some brochure and information to help us plan our trip up north of California to see them winery. And so I am home alone resting and armed with some flu capsule and my special medication in my flask. Even though it is 23 degrees here, but I am still having the chills which make it totally alright for me to have more of my special medication. *A mental note to myself, remember to fill in stronger stuff in my flask before Lisa gets back; i.e. Chili Vodka (God damn it, I am so in love with Chili flavored Vodka.). Even my fingers tips are peeling too, which makes it impossible for me to practice any guitar, so I guess I will be doing another movie marathon. And I just found a set of movies from Cheeseburger Eddy’s Laser Disc collection – The Omen I – IV.


P.S. If I don’t wake up due to the flu capsule and my special medication, just treat this as my suicide note.

P.S.S. If so, you can also add this to my most painless ways to commit suicide post.

P.S.S.S. Damn it, I hope I don’t die yet, because I look like crap now. I rather die when I am better and be a good looking corpse.

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