Post Concert Syndrome

I am not sure if you all have heard of it but I am sure many of you have felt it but didn’t know what it is. Post Concert Syndrome is actually the feeling of depression that comes about after going to a kick ass live concert. But before you get to the Post Concert Syndrome, the victim will first experience the Pre Concert Syndrome which may include the following:

- Days/weeks/months before the concert, you feel like time is at a standstill.

- Excessive blogging about the band/concert, to a certain point that everybody who isn’t going will hate you.

-constantly reminding all the other people who are not going that you are going. i.e., Setting your nick or putting the tag line in your MSN to remind people that you are going for the concert.

-a day before or the morning of the concert, you become surged with adrenaline. You get high without the help of any substance or alcohol.

-Moments before the concert, you may appear calm on the outside but inside your heart beats faster and faster, and you cannot believe it is already here.

-When the concert starts you just go in a trance and during the concert, you are in a place of complete bliss - a higher state of euphoria than a Hindu cow.

- Immediately after the concert, you are excessively high and you run around completely hyper, still reciting songs from the band. Everyone in that concert is now your new best friends, even though you don’t know them. Putting your arms around their shoulders and singing along with these people that you have been with during the concert. But to non-concertgoers, you may appear to be some sort of ecstasy.

- As you go home, you may still be trembling with excitement and happiness. And you would tell of your awesome experience to anyone (even the cab driver) who would listen, although most of them don’t care and this is where the Post Concert Syndrome kicks in.

The Post Concert Syndrome


-feeling of sadness and infinite melon collie, an increase in obsession with the band i.e. such as listening to nothing but their music.

- partial amnesia, your inability to remember every little detail that happened at the concert or even remembering things that never happened and this will lead to frustration and major mood swing worst than a lady who is having PMS.

-Feeling of regret for no apparent reason…


- Looked flush.

-Blood shot eyes resulting from the awesome lighting that probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up.

-You nicely conditioned hair is all tangled up in a bunch from excessive head banging and hardcore dancing.

-Continuous buzzing sound in your ears thanks to the mega loud music in the concert. The buzzing sound would only become louder when your surrounding is quiet, especially when you are about to sleep. It would probably take days to heal this.

- having the voice of a transvestite resulting from screaming along with the band; you wouldn’t notice that you were shouting the song during the concert because everything was so loud that you can’t even hear yourself scream.

-The smell of a million smelly socks put together, especially when you are standing beside two topless dudes that smells like smelly socks during the concert.
-probably some blue black bruises from all the pushing and shoving while trying to get near the stage.

I guess the aftermath of concert and the Post Concert Syndrome seems pretty bad huh? Even though there is no known cure for Post Concert Syndrome but if you ask me if I would do it again, fuck yeah, in a heart’s beat I would do it all over again because the concert is so fucking awesome. You know even with the super relative word “fucking”, it isn’t enough to describe the awesomeness of the concert. I‘ll tell you all about it another time because I am so fucking tired right now and all I wanna do is fucking lie down and sleep. When I got back to the hotel, I was so worn out, I really wanted to head to bed and dosed off. But knowing that I am not sleeping alone and I smell like crap. I actually tried spraying some cologne before hopping into bed. But I was instantly kicked outta bed and into the shower. So that is why I am blogging this while Lisa is drying my hair. These are really times that I missed my bald head.

You know sometimes I forgotten how nice it is to be living alone. You can do all kind of crap and no one would really bother. But I guess this is the price and sacrifice that you have to make to live together.