When the line between sex begins to blur…

In this darn age and time that we live in, everything seems to be changing, whether for the good or bad, it is still changing. The fucking world is changing like it’s yesterday’s underwear and if you just don’t keep up with it, you know that your time is up and you are officially one of the old timers who is reminiscing to good old times and waiting to kick the bucket. The most significant change that I see in people is they could easily change their gender (by dressing or surgical) and it is the norm these days. No more do transvestite are being look down, people are accepting the fact that they are who they are. Look at Boy George or the Internet MySpace star Jeffree Star, people are giving these tranny/cross dressers the recognition that they deserved. I am not trying to promote sex change or cross dressing but what I am saying that everyone has got the equal right to exist and be what they want to be and not being held down against their will. Just look at the way EMO kids dress up these days, EMO fashion is one of the in thing now, and to honest I think EMO is just one step belong transvestite. So if I am convince you to have a sex change or be a cross dresser good for you. But as for myself, the line between gender for me will never go blur, it is very clear. Even though, there are so many occasion that people has mistaken me as being the opposite sex, but I take it as a compliment because I think being androgynous is pretty cool. But I have no intend to have a sex change or turn in to a cross dresser because I am happy with who I am and what I am and beside there are just too many fine and hot ladies in this world and a lifetime is just not enough for me to go around XD.

But to those homo-phobic people out there who are confusing with who are the transsexual and who is not, here are some guide to help you indentify a tranny, so that you can run for your life:

Does “she” have feet the size of Bigfoot’s? Anyone with a big feet size ain’t no lady, it is a ladyboy.

If "she" is small-breasted, or has no boobs, "she" may be a tranny. On the other hand, if "her" breast look like basketballs--too big, too round, and too good to be true--and are divided by a deep “Longkang” (gutter) "she's" is a HE.

Big hands probably indicates a he, so look for more than a wedding ring when you check out this portion of your “lady’s” anatomy.

if "her" shoulders are wider than "her" hips, most likely, "she" ain’t no lady. Women’s shoulders-to-hips ratio is typically more in proportion to one another.

IF after looking at all the parts of the body and you still cannot tell if “She” is who she is or “She” is a “he”, you have no choice but to reach down to the “YOU KNOW WHAT” and be prepare confirmation. But be prepare to get a big tight slap or a lawsuit if your guess is wrong.