How to Do a Tombstone Pile Driver on your Girlfriend

Firstly I would like to take back all the claims that I would pile drive anyone of you especially if you are a guy. Because at least until today, I thought that a pile driver was only a wrestling move. A pile driver is also an acrobatic sexual positions offer both partners the chance to enjoy new sensations and feelings. Wrestling fans will enjoy the pile driver position.

To Execute the Tombstone Pile Driver on your Girlfriend

Since this is an xniquet’s how to post, let me show you how a pile driver (wrestling type) is being done. A pile driver is actually a very powerful move which can end matches, just look at the undertaker’s tombstone pile driver. It is a variant of the traditional pile driver but it is as lethal. So I thought it will be cool to teach you how to do the Undertaker’s tombstone pile driver:

-First you must stunt your girlfriend by choke slamming them (choke hold your girlfriend by the neck and then elevating them to the air and the slamming their back on the ground) But if that is too much for you, just kick your girlfriend in the stomach.

-Scoop you girlfriend up so that they are vertical mid air in the position of belly to belly with the girlfriend’s feet facing the sky and their face on your crotch. (See pic). Holding your arms around them, make sure your girlfriend head is above your knees.

-Falling down on your knees to finish the move and wait for the 3 count.

So there you have it, you have just done a legendary wrestling move which of course you can do it to your girlfriend when she is naughty or in need of some smacking because girls just loves a manly man and also someone who isn’t afraid of doing things to her physically.

-Make sure that you are both comfortable and feel safe.

-Don't drop opponent on their head.

-Their head has to be above the knees, as otherwise you could kill them or seriously damage them.

-Only do this move if you are trained wrestler (or thinks you are one), a rebel who does banned moves anyway, or you are xniquet. (He does pile drivers to keep his girlfriend in line; the many benefits of being his girlfriend)

Facts: xniquet has successfully executed 3 tombstone pile driver on Lisa. No kidding, she likes it because she is a wrestling fan too.

Performing The Pile Driver Sex Position

Next, I am going to show you how to do a pile driver (sexual position) which you can show off to your sex partner. The pile driver sexual position is compatible to anal and vaginal sex, which heterosexual couples or two women (with strapped on dildo) or two men can performed.

To perform this position - the women must:
  • Remove panties and any clothing that may cover your vagina.
  • Lay down on the floor and then lifting your legs up with the back of your feet facing the sky.
  • Use your arms and hands to prop up your back and buttocks. Begin to relax your legs so they are spread open between 12 and 24 inches.
  • As your partner enters you, he will likely hold on to your legs to better control thrusting.

To perform this position - the men must:
  • Remove pants and underwear and get your penis erected.
  • Approach your partner after she has positioned herself with her legs, buttocks facing skywards.
  • Bend your erect penis so it faces down, toward her vagina.
  • Gently and slowly insert your erect, bent penis into her vagina.
  • Grip her upper thighs to reposition her higher or lower and to brace yourself.
  • Bend your knees or bend over to adjust your position.
  • Thrust with your hips.

If you are still not sure how a pile driver position, take a look at this diagram, it would roughly give you a picture of what a pile driver position looks like.

-Do not perform this while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

-This can be a painful position to perform if the man’s penis doesn’t bend significantly in a downward direction.

Facts: on how many times xniquet has pile drive his girl friends, none of your business.