I am the Space Nerd because I love Dune

The last few days have been like a step in to the world of Sci-Fi for me, one Sci-Fi movie series after another. But instead making me feel futuristic, I felt like I have taken a few steps backwards into retro land because most of the Sci –Fi motion picture that I saw was made almost 10 years ago. It started with the Star Trek marathon recently and yesterday I went on a little space odyssey by watching two version of Frank Herbert’s Dune. The visual effects was so obsolete and so close to lame, but it still got my glued to my seat the entire show, I mean how often do you see a fat man floating around in a space suit?

I never read the novel by Frank Herbert’s Dune, as a matter of fact the only time which I came to know about Dune was when the creator’s of Command and Conquer came up with a version of a real time strategy game called Dune 2000 and that seems light years ago. The only thing I could remember about the game was the pesky sand worm. But after watching the movies, it sorta came back to me and it was fun to see familiar stuff on the show. The first version of the show that I saw was a 4 hours TV miniseries; besides William Hurt I didn’t know anyone in the movie. The second version was a star studded 1984 production. It even has Patrick Stewart from Star Trek in it (even then he was bald, which makes me wonder if he ever has hair), Kyle Maclachlan (desperate housewives), Sting (singer) starred this movie.

Hey if y’all got 6 hours to spare, do check out one of these movies, I know the effects may be lame but the plot and the story is fucking good. You know after watching it those two Dune movies, I think I will be off to the bookstore to pick up the novel. And so this is how I became a space geek. But seriously, go watch Dune or pick up the novel, it’s all good.

Note: this is a Dune VCD from Malaysia, just look at the synopsis, doesn’t it makes you wanna laugh? Even the piracy in Malaysia is so low in quality.

Anyway, as the weekend is upon us, I am planning to have a nice quiet romantic day out with Lisa. I feel like she deserved one after all the shit she have to put up with me, so I am just going to make this weekend a special one for her.

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