the one about x's wedding

 id= id=Our flight has been delayed for 3 hours and I guess there will be sufficient time for one last post from LAX before I head home. It’s been a whole 2 months of fun for me and a month of fun for Lisa, even though I got sick 3 times here and I thank Cheeseburger Eddy for that but nevertheless he has been a great and tolerant host and a good friend. I love you man!!! (But not in a gay way) And for the record, after my humiliating lost, I manage to come back and defeat him in our little PS3’s WWE:”RAW vs Smackdown challenge but I didn’t manage to make Cheeseburger Eddy drink underwear brewed coffee because you know me, I am not that mean as everyone seems to put it. Instead he just has to cleanse his face and that is all. But he isn’t to use any ordinary facial cleanser but a ladies’ vaginal hygienic cleanser to wash his face. YAYY!!!!

I have never have much interest in politics but these days, the politics in Malaysia is better than a lot of TVB drama or Bollywood movies and it is hard trying to ignore it. I know everyone in Malaysia has been going like what the fuck happen to 9/16 - the power transition date? Come on we need some closure, please ask the chicken shit PM to meet out with DSAI and put everything out in the open and let us be the judge of who is full of shit. Is meeting up so difficult? If you’re so sure that DSAI is lying his ass off, which don’t you meet up with him and expose all his lies? As a fucking PM I think you should at least have the balls to do so instead of hiding like a fringing coward. Because Malaysia wants to know who is the delusional one.

But enough of politics already, here comes the important announcement. Yes, there is going to be a wedding but it ain’t going to be this year or anytime soon. We had a long talk and we agree that the best thing to do now is just to move in first before any date is being set. For the time being, we are just happy to be going home…