how to convert .flv to .wmv so that you can watch porn during work

Have you ever felt like an idiot after knowing that what you wanted so badly was there all along? Thinking back on how many hours you spent searching for that something that you need and couldn’t find, made your mood like shit, binge and purge all day. The fucking truth is I was thankful the day I learned how to rip and download those videos from YouTube and thanks to Chingy who introduced me to the wonders of VLC media player (get it here for free yayy!!!) I was able to watch those downloaded .flv format videos. But the matter of the fucking fact is with .flv videos you can’t fast forward. Dragging the indicator on the video status bar would only stop the video and you have to watch the whole damn thing again. So being sick and tired of having to wait or having to watch the whole damn thing again, I set out to find a converter that could change .flv format videos to something else that would allow me to fast forward to parts which I miss and better yet compatible with my windows mobile, so that I can watch ‘em video clips on my pocket pc.

I Google, Yahoo, AOL and even risk my PC to search for a program within the P2P networks. (didn’t your Mama taught you to never use this P2P shit for programs or you will end up with a virus instead) All I end up is a couple of shareware which only allows you to convert for a certain amount of time period or time or they will limit your video conversion to about 5 minutes. I wasn’t really looking forward to pay for anything from the internet because I believe that things from the internet should be a free like MP3s, movies and porno. Well, that is just me; maybe after I start my own internet business I would think otherwise but for now, free is good. But the most motherfucking KNNCCB shit cock ass vagina thing about this whole donkey ass ordeal was after looking for a converter for months, I only realized I had the fucking program in my lappie all along. [Yeah, don't you dare laugh and you know who you are, you are just as blind as I was :p]

The fact that I have downloaded the free VLC player for playing .flv videos, it never fucking occurs to me that it is also a converter that could convert .flv files into .WMV, .AVI or MPEG all along. What The fucking Fuck!!! It is one of those days that made me feel like an ass. Anyway, if you are wonder how it is done, here’s a little guide to help you convert your .flv videos to WMV or AVI or any kind of shit format you want, so that you won’t have to wait and watch the whole fucking clip or better yet, you can convert them porno you downloaded from RedTube or YouPorn and watch it on your PDA or pocket pc underneath your desk, that will definitely get you outta trouble from your boss. You know what I mean…

Tutorial on how to convert .flv to .WMV

The first thing you need to do is load the .flv file that you wanna convert and press stop. Then go to the drop down file menu and then select wizard or press cltr+w

When you are at the Streaming/Transcoding Wizard menu select Transcode/Save to file and then click NEXT

In this Input menu select Existing playlist and then click NEXT

On the Transcode menu, tick and select the following and then click NEXT: (Refer to diagram below)

Upon reaching the Encapsulation format menu, choose ASF and then click NEXT

Lastly the most important thing to do when you reach this menu is that you MUST include the extension of your file when you save it. If your file name is “Ultraman”, save it as “Ultraman.wmv”

There you go, did I just make you life better? If so just enjoy the video on the right which is a trailer for my up and coming post, becoming ultraman.