Bukit Antarabangsa: Fuck that, I Wanna See Some Angry Fist Pumping

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Comes the monsoon season, it is the norm for the not so rich people living in rural areas to fear floods. Most of the time the cold and cruel rain would wash away all these people have and eventually force them move into a common shelter as they watch the rain wash away what riches they have accumulated throughout the years. It is the rich who build their fucking ch√Ęteau on hills that watched it from afar on their hundred channels cable plasma TV as they sip their warm Earl Grey and savor their short butter cookies. But what we fucking witness at Bukit Antarabangsa last Saturday have given them a reason to fear the monsoon. They don't feel safe living in their hill top panoramic view houses with thick ass concrete walls supported by fucking Corinthian columns, heavy stainless steel gates and thousand dollar alarm system anymore because no longer are they spare from the cruelty and destructive side of nature.

All eyes are spotlighted on the pile of rumble in Bukit Antarabangsa. If you are a Malaysian, you should know what the fuck happened, you should know the statistics, you should bloody know what went down on that god forsaken land; unless you are blind and deaf and couldn't even read a single word in Braille. In my living room watching but I am not laughing, thinking the next one could be me. But I am sorry if I don't feel sympathetic with those who are affected but I do envy those who lost their lives; their televised death will definitely not be in vain because it would bring about a change.

Or will it not?

Just look back at the fall of the Highland Towers 15 years ago; I was in my early teens when they show the two corpses (one without a head) holding each other on TV, that god forsaken image burned into my head and still haunts me until this day. Yet, such morbidness and gruesomeness has been forgotten as the only thing that is on their fucking mind and that keeps them horny is making profit. The fucking government is already formulating a fucking plan to cover their asses as their fucking religious department would only back them up by saying it is all the will of their God. Other chicken shit religion like the Christians would keep their fucking mouth seal tight and just ask everyone to grieve and pray for them victims. Leaving the scare and angry victims who just lost their fucking homes feeling like virgins being cheated of their chastity; while those fucking construction companies and corrupted government agencies are laughing their way to the bank and cashing their big fat cheques.

Updated: Just like what we fucking expected, Datuk Seri dipshit Ong Ka Chuan, Malaysia's Minister of Housing and Local Government said that the landslide is not a fucking result of human negligence. We fucking knew that was coming.

Fuck that. I wanna see some angry fist pumping. Take back what is yours, even if it means cracking a few riot police's red helmet to get it done. I wanna see red; I wanna see the corrupted son of bitches' burn like witches on stakes. Democracy is not won by the senseless rambling of senile parliament members but the motherfucking fist of the people smashing against the face of the corrupted oppressor.