Secret of Keeping Shinny Hair the Metro-sexual Way

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The motherfucking rain has finally had enough of pissing down on us; no one could be happier to see the fucking sun than my dog woa woa and with the fucking rain gone, it would mean that the long deprived walk that she had been longing for is finally gonna happened today. So me and my dog set out on our usual route, feeling the sun and breathing the cold air as we take our evening stroll. Even the kid whom we pass by every time got excited when she saw us. She shouted my dog's name "woa woa" of which I wasn't surprised because maybe she overheard me calling my dog's name many times. So I thought I would return her friendliness by smiling back at her. Everything was cool up to the stage when she had to open her fucking mouth and call me "Jie Jie" which means "Sister" in Chinese. WTF! Is this damn kid blind or dumb or fucking both? Just because I have long hair doesn't fucking mean I have a god damn vagina. This kid should be kicked in the ass and her parents too. No motherfucking trial, no motherfucking jury, straight to execution - a boot up their asses. That kid is damn lucky that I am not a pedophile. If I was one, her ass would be spitting fireworks like it was New Year's Eve.

Well, coming back to what this fucking post is about - How to keep shinny hair and also adding growth to it. As many of you who have long hair would probably have the problem of constant hair fall and non shinny looking hair. I have always believed in maintaining my own natural hair color and also try to use natural remedies to keep my hair healthy. As I was going through a book that I bought a little while ago about herbs and alchemy, there was a chapter on how to use Parsley to make hair tonic. Parsley stimulates the scalp and gets the circulation going which aids hair growth and add shine to it. It is fucking simple and fucking cheap too. I got a bunch of fucking fresh parsley from the hypermarket for just fucking RM1.40 which could be used twice.

A hand full of parsley sprigs
2 tablespoon of water

Take a hand full of parsley sprigs, dump it into a food processor and add in 2 tablespoon of water. Process it until it becomes puree like. Then apply it on your scalp and then wrap your head with a towel for an hour before shampooing it off like normal. Regular use of this hair tonic would definitely save you from spending extra cash on that expensive motherfucking hair treatment and fuck up treatment shampoos. In addition to that the next time you go into a hair salon, the pesky hair stylist won't even have the guts to try to convinced you that your hair is fucking damage and in dire need of treatment. These are essential knowledge for narcissistic vain pots like the ladies and the metro-sexual man - all the quality of a gay man except the sexual preference.

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