DUDE! What the Hell is this?

Nuffnang ish Da bomb …BONG!!!!! Thanks to Nuffnang after I INNIT my post on the bra unhooking, they have listed me as the most popular post for a split second but I manage to capture it. Who would have thought a horny little post like mine could top the rest of the post. But one thing I notice, if you wanna make it to Nuffnang’s top list, all you need to blog about is how fucking great Nuffnang is (which is true..ahem) and also you should blog about sucky their rival Advertlets are. Nuffnangs eats little pieces turd like Advertlets for breakfast. Just look at the top five beside my two fucked up post “I was born a Natural Bra Un-Hooker” and "Of Church Elders Wearing Women’s Lingerie”, the rest of the post is about how high and mighty Nuffnang is and how Advertlet is eating their dust. Hmmmm, makes me wonder is that what it takes to land on the top spot in INNIT and getting all the lime light???

Anyway, fuck me, I have a performance tonight and I went to check out the stage just now and guess what I saw…

Yeah I know it is Xmas and shit, but we are a rock band and you expect us to play in stage with all those winter wonderland shit? Man, we are no Wham (George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley) and you expect us to play Powerman 5000’s When Worlds Collide on this stage … I swear to god, sometimes I really don’t know what our manager is thinking.

Anyway, wish me luck and to those who voted for the costume I should be wearing to tonight’s party? It was between Glam Rock from Poison and He-Man. I guess He-Man won. Darn it!!!!