It took me a while to realized what I wanted was there all along. Someone with a sweet soul, who take cares of me, who show me colors when there is non to see. When my day is dark and the night is long, when i am in the dark , can' t see or be seen. She turned these shoes, click clacking down a dead end street with no name and heading nowhere and made it fit. She took this shirt, cotton white trash made in nowhere and she made it clean again. She guided these hands and teaches them to make music and not to make a fist. She took this mouth that was spitting poison and criticism and cure it with a kiss. She my soul that is stranded in some skin and bones, she made it sane again. She took this heart and made it whole. Only 6 days to go till she is here and I am already feeling like a vacant lot ready for any ghost to haunt. It took me a while and a hell lot of hooter’s hot wings (*pukes) to make me realize that what I wanted is what I have already have.

Status: x is sick again from eating too many hot wings at Hooters.
Status: x is having pain and fever because his I-Ching tattoo
Status: x is out of pain killers
Facts: this is the 3rd time x is sick in US.
Facts: x's new ink actually goes very well with his blog's theme.
note: x swear to fucking god that he will not have another hooters hot wing in the next 365 days or less :P