Perfect Day

It started with breakfast in bed; you know you gotta beat the clock when you have a fiancé who likes to cook too. Usually the one who gets up earlier gets to make breakfast and for this I remain victorious. It was a simple breakfast – toast with yogurt and freshly slice strawberries, black coffee and The Commodores’ Easy playing on the stereo.

I actually been planning for this day for some time now, you know spend a quiet peaceful day with Lisa. Instead of going to over rated places and fancy restaurant with vintage wine and expensive truffles and other grown up stuff. We actually wanted to relive our childhood days, wanting to rediscover our innocence. That is why it was a day filled with balloons, ice creams, cup cakes, horse carriage rides, toy shops, pet shops. And the day couldn’t end any better than going to a carnival filled with clowns, cotton candies, carousel and lame games that lets you win lame prizes. But I guess the prize isn’t the actual prize that you got when you win the game, but the memory and the fun that will last you a lifetime.

This is one of those days where it just move by so quickly and you wise that all the days of your life is like that. I never have thought I could find so much happiness in such simple things in life. It was such a perfect day for me, and I am glad I’ve spent it with Lisa; it just keeps me hanging on. If I was to sum up the day with a song, I think it would be Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.

here's a couple of version of the song for your downloading pleasure:

You know, someone turned off the sun when my wife died 5 years ago and I never thought that it could come back on an ordinary day like this. If we are all made to heal, then why all the dreams of my past keeps washing to my shore? Every time when I could feel a slight pinch of happiness resurfacing in my life, I keep having dreams of my favorite time I have spent with my late wife and when I wake up to the cruel and cold reality, there will never be a single part of that cannot feel the infinite sadness and melon collie of losing someone you love. So I guess this is part of the answer to why I don’t sleep or why I do not try to even sleep.

P.S. If there is a song that I would like to be in my wedding, it would probably be Scala and Kalocny Brothers' Perfect Day.