kawaii japanese girl playing a huge sunburst shaft...

It gets me everytime when I watch Orihime’s huge breast bouncing everywhere maybe that is what fucking keeps me coming back for more even though when the story line is so sucky at times. But I am proud to announced that finally, after months of being away from Orihime Inoue’s huge bunching boobies, I am finally at the latest episode of Bleach, in fact I have just finished the latest episode and I am looking forward for the next episode which is going to be an one hour special, I can’t wait for it even though I am kinda clueless what the heck is happening, because they left the whole Vizard Arc unfinished and moved on to the Brand New Captian Amagai Shunsuke Arc. What puzzle me now is whether the new story line takes place before or after the Espada story line, god damn it , can someone throw me a fucking bone here, I have no fucking clue what is happening. But the only thing nice about it is that Kon is back and that they have a new opening which is pretty nice and the opening theme is call Chu-Bura by Kulen i. But so far my favorite opening theme is still Ichirin no Hana by High and Might Color and my favorite closing theme is Daidai by Chatmonchy. (You should watch them play live, nothing is sexier than a Kawaii Japanese girl playing a sunburst telecaster that is bigger than her, but of course nothing beats having a Japanese girl screaming a fake and desperate call of distress “ Iyaa! Iyaa! Yameteh Kudaksai….” fufufufufufufufu

Alright , just like what the title says...here is the video of a Kawaii Japanese girl playing a huge sunburst shaft –Telecaster in “.flv” format

[ try getting VLC Media Player if you can’t play it on your media player]


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A very happy birthday to Cenni who is flying back home from Bali, hope you didn't get drunk last night. Just to remind you that your present is already in your inbox and i am just going to hold on to your actual present and then pass it to you when you come down here. I don't want the postman to be getting any freebies again. So at the mean time I have mix up a sampler of what you are going to get - (not for sale promo single that is going to be released in August) and also a picture of what to expect in the mornings when you are in Kuantan [here]. Anyway..."Happy Birthday!!!"