People gets Paraniod during Ghost Festival

There was a tiniest dot caught my eyes and I thought I was going blind, it turned out to be a scab, but I still have this funniest feeling that something bad was going to happen. Each time I face my monitor, I feel like someone is watching my back, something that I shouldn’t be seeing. Each time I stepped in the glassware section, I have this precognition that I was going shattered all the fucking glassware that was on display; Each time, Lind our usual Hooters girl bring us our dinner and smile at us, I swear to god that the fucking huge black fry cook who might be her boyfriend is giving me the hard cold stare and the food that I am chewing on is covered with his saliva or pee; Each time a cop passes by me, I could feel my heart beating outta my chest because he could be arresting me for what I had last night, worst still pull out his gun and shoot me; When someone smiles at me, I just had to check my face and my fly to see if there is something wrong with me; The phone rings and I just freak out that it would be my parents, forcing me to get a date for the wedding; I am jumpy, can’t really sleep and I am constantly in paranoia. But you can’t blame me for being so, heard that the gates of hell, the Chinese one is being opened, and there are flocks of hungry ghost around, having bad luck and being jinxed is pretty much the norm I guess. (this is me trying to justify myself and not blaming it on the drugs and being paranoid is one of the after effects). Anyway since it is the Hungry Ghost festival is upon us and if you should encounter a ghost and didn’t know how to act, here are some remedies:

Speak to the ghost, out loud. Shout, if you feel you must. Explain to your ghost that what he/she is doing things that bother you. Explain exactly what those things are. Ask the ghost to stop immediately. If you want the ghost to leave altogether, you need to say that. This usually works. However, some ghosts won't take you seriously, and you may need to remind it to leave you alone several times before it stays away.

This is s great time to call in a favor form your God, may it be Buddha, Jesus, Allah or whichever one of your choice. Your ancestors could be of help too, since they are from the same neighborhood as the ghost, it would make it easier. So start sending out an SOS signal to the spirit world.

Recommended choice:run like hell…but if you are a blogger, before you run like the wind, remember to whip out your camera or camera phone ask the ghost to camwhore a bit and then maybe camwhore with it a bit, so that you can blogged about it the next day.

Anyway, happy Hungry Ghost Festival to y’all, but I am going to miss it. No more sight of Chinese pink muffins lying on the streets, smell of burn incent and rotten food the next day for me this year. Sigh…..