Cooking Bobo's Dish

I have done this post for some time ago. But I just couldn’t figure out why? You see some time ago I did this, “xniquet’s what is your dish challenge“thing on my blog; basically I will create a dish based on a person that I have talked to and have come to know. And so far, I have only done 2. The first one being The Binksterz Jello which was Pinksterz’s dish and Evie Eggie Egg Dish which was a dish to help EB ovulate and get pregnant. Since then I haven’t done any because I was stuck trying to decipher the dish I did for bobo. And after months, I have finally remembered.

Firstly let me introduced bobo’s dish; it is made up of two dishes actually. The first one which looks like Chee Cheong Fun (famous Chinese dish made out of rice, Hongkies love to have them for breakfast) and the other is a very non-Halal claypot dish, pork with red dates.

As you can see, this isn’t the normal Chee Cheong Fun dish; the Chee Cheong Fun is actually coated with crushed oaths and then fried; this is to let it have an extra crisp on the outside but still retains the softness inside. The sauce of the Chee Cheong Fun dish is not the normal Chinese sweet thick sauce that is usually served with. But it is soy sauce with mint and dash of lemon to give it a refreshing feel to it. The important ingredient to this sauce is actually the soy sauce used, which is River Pearl Bridge superior soy sauce. Served with chopped fresh spring onions and sesame, this doesn’t really taste like the conventional Chee Cheong Fun because it has the minty and sour taste to stimulate the taste bud.

The second dish is actually, chopped up pork, red dates and some black beans paste put together and then steamed in a clay pot. This dish actually goes side by side with the Chee Cheong Fun dish, because their taste compliments each other.

Now coming to the part where I have been trying to remember. Why did I done this dish and how this dish relates to bobo. You see, Chee Cheong Fun is a very familiar dish to most of us; I am sure most Chinese knows how it tastes like. But I have given this dish a little twist by tweaking the sauce into a refreshing minty and lemon scented sauce. You see on the first day that I chatting with bobo on the MSN, somehow I felt this familiarity feeling; just like we were old friends chatting away when we barely knew each other and in it all she was a breath of fresh air then and even to this day. So there you have it the first dish and it’s decipher. As for the second dish, it really has no resemblance but only the fact that it is a Teo Chew dish, she is Teo Chew and I am one too.

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