Miss Long Legs

If our memory serves us by keeping who we lost, why do I feel like an empty house? Can’t believe it has already been two months since Miss Long Legs has been here and now she is back to where she came from. I take back what I say that she was just an Ipoh Girl in a push up bra because she is way much more than that. My only regret is that we spoke more than we talk and just letting time slipping us by doing something that is close to nothing. After 2 months of training here, it was finally time to head back and finish up her studies. I guess I will be spending the rest of my days here without a movie buddy from now, but I am glad she came along. I only wish her all the best and woa woa is going to miss humping her long and smooth legs :P. I am sure I will remember her because just like a mirror that will always gives back your face, we tend to remember all that we lose…


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