a decade of blogging: lest we forget

has it been that long since this blog started? hell no, it's just a decade minus 8 years and 364 days, and you will get a one year and one day old. they say blogging changes your life and it did for me, i found out that i can swear as much as i can and no one would give a damn about it here, in fact, some have come to like it XD. Anyway, since it is this blog's one year and one day anniversary. to commemorate it, there will not be any post, isn't that what celebration is all about? no work? but i shall leave you with the new and improved The Playlist Addict era of my blog. you can read about what the playlist in the xniquet-wiki on the blog link belong. This is sorta like a remastered blog post under the Playlist era. What you expect to see are new grapichs, added pictures never seen before, behind the scenes pictures and commentary, and for the first time songs in the playlist is available for download. So you are basically going to get to listen to what i listen to. Why the re-mastered post? i guess i didn't how to do all the things back then why i started this blog but now i am just simply going back and adding in the things that i wanted back then but didn't had the know how to do it. so feel free to head back to the begining of this blog and enjoy it.

xniquet's running playlist: perlindung hill
xniquet's downhill playlist: a virgin's story
xniquet's anime playlist: being one bleach-o-holic [new pictures]
xniquet's birthday playlist: my angel's birthday [new pictures]
xniquet's vampire playlist: part one [new pictures]
xniquet's vampire playlist: reprise [new pictures]
xniquet's rejuvenation playlist: rainy day
xniquet's emo playlist: suicidal
xniquet's movie playlist: the blair witch project
xniquet's sleep playlist: insomnia [new pictures, free mp3s]
xniquet's cross country playlist: my best moments in biking [new pictures]
xniquet's grooming playlist: shaving 101
xniquet's game playlist: the sims 2
xniquet's boredom playlist: rainy days
xniquet's drinking playlist : ending the night with style [free mp3s]
xniquet's kick start playlist: coffee royale [new videocast]
xniquet's hiking playlist: preparing for our jungle trekking
xniquet's hiking playlist: the wait [new pictures]
xniquet's eating playlist: get fat 101
xniquet's green playlist: happy earth day 777 suckers
xniquet's playlist review: the disturbed one
xniquet's cats playlist: meowww
xniquet's emo playlist: time after time
xniquet's current playlist: i love iTunes
xniquet's current playlist: xnique.live's demo tape [new pictures]
xniquet's cooking playlist: chef from hell not hell's kitchen
xniquet's outing playlist: swimming dogs with special hair-do [new pictures]
xniquet's sick playlist: the hamsup song
xniquet's babysitting playlist: how to babysit like a pro... [new pictures]
xniquet's celebrity playlist: my celebrity look-alikes
xniquet's workout playlist: how to show off in the gym

article on xniquet-wiki available:
the playlist addict era

what your mind says?
well, it is time to move on ...

++updates: just got off the phone with norie in Japan. Call her to find out if she is alright after watching the news that a crazy 25 year old men went on a stabbing rampage in Akihabara. I wonder why that guy would go around stabbing people? but if there is no threat of death there will no reason to live i guess. Akihabara which is the electronic city is the place where me and norie used to hang out a lot while i was still in Tokyo. All is well with norie and she is coming to Kuantan end of this year as planned.


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